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Kate was wonderful. She was our first experience with a doula when my husband and I were pregnant with our first child. She was very knowledgable as to different birthing techniques, different procedures that might be performed during labor or delivery, and very receptive and honest with all of our questions and concerns. She stayed with us and offered advice during my induction at the hospital, and reminded us of things that we may have forgotten during labor and the delivery that we may have forgotten or overlooked due to the stress and excitement of the situation at hand. After the birth of our son, she made sure that he remained skin to skin with me for a period of time before he was taken and checked, verified our position on procedures we didn’t feel were necessary for him to have that early, and made sure that no one was allowed in the room that hadn’t been approved by me. She was there solely for me and what I wanted, not to make everyone else happy or appeased. It was a wonderful experience, Kate is a lovely person and my husband and I will absolutely be using her again when we have another baby. I highly recommend her!!
— Kristi D.
In the beginning of 2015 we began working with Kate as we prepared for the arrival of our second child. I can honestly say that the decision to hire a doula was one of the best choices we made as we prepared for the birth. After many interviews, we chose Kate because of her warm, approachable nature, and we felt like our personalities meshed well.

Kate was extremely knowledgeable, always providing information and resources on any topic we wished to explore further. We always felt one hundred percent supported in every decision we made for our family. Even more importantly, Kate helped to make us aware of the options and choices we had the ability to make that we did not fully comprehend with our first birth experience. Kate played such an invaluable role in helping me to feel empowered and capable.

While taking the time to get to know us as a family, she struck the exact right balance of relatability and professionalism. It was wonderful to have someone I could consider a friend by my side, bonded by our mutual desire for our family to have the best birth experience possible. She was an ear when I needed one the most, and a sounding board for my thoughts and emotions. She did this while remaining flexible to our needs, and a consummate professional.

I cannot be enthusiastic enough in recommending her!
— Kiri S.