My birth doula package includes the following:

  • Two 90-120 minute prenatal sessions where we'll talk about your plans, expectations, fears, last week's episode of Terrace House, and how I can best support you and your partner before, during and after labor. If there's anything you'd specifically like to discuss, we'll have plenty of time to address any pregnancy, birth, and parenting topics of interest to you.

  • Unlimited support for you and your partner by phone, email and text throughout pregnancy, labor, and the fourth trimester. During this time, I'm happy to share resources, make referrals, lend an ear when you're having a tough time, celebrate your small victories, and laugh with you when you're exhausted and covered in poop (hopefully baby poop, but I won't judge). 

  • On-call availability 24/7 from the date of hire. I will be ready to leave and join you in labor within 60-90 minutes of your call, whether you need me at 32 weeks or 42 weeks. I'm also Jewish, so if you're having a Christmas or Easter baby, I'll just be missing out on Chinese food and a movie! 

  • In-person support during your labor, birth and up to two hours postpartum to help you settle in with your new family member(s).

  • If desired, I will take photographs with your camera(s) when opportunities arise throughout labor, during the birth, and during your first moments as a new family. If you're really keen to get a good shot of your purple line, or a full frontal of your baby crowning, I am not shy at all! (I'd also be happy to recommend a birth photographer if professional quality photos are a priority for you.)

  • One 90-120 minute postpartum visit within a week or two of your birth to help you settle in at home and to make sure you are adjusting well to life with your newborn(s).


Things I absolutely do not include:

  • Unsolicited advice about pregnancy, birth and parenting. I'm sure you get more than enough of that from friends, family, co-workers, store employees, random strangers you pass on the street, and basically every other human being on planet Earth.

  • Judgement about your family situation, your messy home, your wild older children, your size, your sexuality, your gender identity, how you conceived or any other aspect of your life. I am honored to be invited into your birthing space, and I respect you for everything that makes you, you.

  • Conditional support. Rest assured that whatever choices you make, I'll stick by you to help you receive the care you deserve. 


Birth Package Cost: $1,095


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