I provide massage and doula care to women in every stage of life and life-giving. For those in the pre- or post-baby phases, I offer education in Fertility Awareness for body literacy, conception and contraception.

I believe in every person and family's ability to make the right decisions for themselves. If you are pregnant and planning to carry to term, no matter what kind of birth you're planning (vaginal, cesarean, VBAC) or where you’re planning it (at the hospital, home, or even unassisted), I provide individualized care throughout the childbearing year to help you maintain autonomy over your body, your baby, and your birth.

Whether you're looking for a complete package including massage, pre-conception, antepartum, birth, and postpartum doula services, or you just need a relaxing prenatal massage or some assistance with envisioning your birth and making a plan - I'm here to help!


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I offer doula services to families in Seacoast NH and Southern Coastal ME, including:

Dover NH | Durham NH | Barrington NH | Portsmouth NH
York ME | Kittery ME | Berwick ME
and surrounding areas.

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Looking for relaxation, pain relief, or a competent prenatal massage therapist who won’t handle you with kid gloves?

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No matter what type of birth or birth setting you have in mind, I'm available to support you.

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Late pregnancy and early parenthood can be overwhelming times. Let me be part of your village.

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